The Warriors NBA Live 07 Ratings

NBA Live 06 ratings have also been released.

For those of you too lazy to click:

J-Rich!!! 85
Boom Dizzle 84
Murph 75
Dun-Dun 74
Air France 72
Brown 69
Ike 69
Zarko 66 (higher than Biedrins and Ellis?!)
1-Minute Man 65
Owens 65
McLeod 63
Foyled 63
MONTA!!! 61 (61?!? I was expecting something more like high 60's)
The Chef 58
Taft 55

Last year, they overhyped the Warriors in ratings. This year, it looks like they have underhyped us.

That said, I'm totally outraged at the underrating of Monta. 77 max speed, 67 agility, 73 quickness, and 74 acceleration?!?

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