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Video Game Warriors + Jon Robinson for Warriors GM

The GSoM community loves hoops video games. We go nuts when NBA Live (check out mydedgerbil555's diary and Yoyo's recent piece) and NBA 2k (add your rankings in mistererickk's fun diary) drop their player ratings.Why? Maybe it's because video games are the only place we've seen the Warriors make the playoffs in the past decade.

Or maybe it's because it's the only place where we take control of the Warriors front office and make some good common sense moves for a change.

Or maybe it's because it's the only place where Jon Robinson from IGN can finally be our new Golden State Warriors GM (see Diary of a Warriors Association: Part I | Part II ):

They [the Warriors] are the team that took Billy Owens instead of Dikembe Mutombo (when they had Run TMC and only needed a big man!), Todd Fuller over Kobe Bryant, Adonal Foyle over Tracy McGrady, and Joe Smith ahead of McDyess, Stackhouse, Rasheed, and Kevin Garnett. Not that I imagine the current Warriors lineup to consist of Kobe, T-Mac, and K.G. all on the same floor (if I did, my head would explode), but misstep after misstep has led me to basically live out my Warriors obsession in the world of videogames since the real life situation just makes me more and more frustrated.

I know, how about we resign Dunleavy, the softest white boy in the game, and give him so much money we don't have any flexibility with the cap, and have no opportunity to trade him. Oh yeah, and while we're at it, why don't we give Foyle about a billion dollars to clog up the lane. Brilliant.

So I'm taking over the team in NBA 2K7.

Virtual Warrior GM Jon Robinson has a plan!

Under GM Robinson the Warriors are a slam dunk!

Nellie giving Chris Mullin some tutoring about how to run and NBA front office is great, but if you read Jon's diary on IGN I think we'd all rather have him in charge.

On a side note, I'm strictly a hoops and football video gamer with a little bit of Puzzle Fighter mixed in so I'm not the video game expert, but friends and fam Hash and R Dizzle are all-around video game legends who know video games like the Warriors know the lottery. When R Dizzle saw that GSoM got a shout out in Jon's recent IGN piece, he said that I've won his respect and noted that he's been reading IGN since PS1 and N64 (I still contend that N64 is the worst video game console from a major company ever). R Dizzle also added that IGN is "tighter than Lara Croft's shorts in Tomb Raider Legend for Xbox 360".

Lara Croft loves GSoM!

Regardless of how geeky that metaphor is, IGN is slammin'. Head on over to IGN and show them some good ol' GSoM love.

Also, if there's interest we can launch a video game section. Feel free to post video game reviews and hype in diaries. GSoM is your spot!

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