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Gary in Jeans in Portland

When this saint comes marching in so do the L's.

John Canzano of The Oregonian has a little insider info that should scare the living day lights out of any Portland Trailblazers fan:

My eyes and ears on alert at PDX Airport tell me that former Golden State Warriors GM Garry St. Jean flew into Portland on Monday, rented a car and is in the area. No telling if St. Jean is here on official business (or interviewing for the vacant GM job?) but I do know that he's still using team-issued luggage.

I've been to Portland once. Nice people. They don't deserve this. As a Warriors fan I wouldn't wish a Gary St. Jean GM-regime on anyone, not even LA Faker fans.

What do you remember most about the Gary St. Jean era in Oakland?

Update: Check out St. Jean can save the Warriors (by getting hired in Portland) by Tim Kawakami

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