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Dunleavy Cutting in Line at a Borat Show?

I'm conflicted about whether this should go up as it's pretty silly, but our policy has always been to put everything up and let you all discuss if it's worth discussing. On a MySpace forum a person with the screenname Jackass detailed this encounter with Mike Dunleavy (via christianESPN):

as excited as i was to see borat, i got to the theatre at a quarter after five and waited...30 minutes later a tall white guy lined up about 15 ppl behind me. this tall white guy was none other that MICHAEL DUNLEAVY JR. i waited. he waited. then when the seats were getting crunched, he sent a drunk guy to the host to tell her that "Michael Dunleavy Jr doesnt deserve to have to wait in line." so sure enough they let that tall ass and his four friends in completely disregarding my group and the other patient people in front of us... Well Michael Dunleavy, next time invest your time in a nose job you grinch lookalike and get a little more pride to have to cut people. your play for a mediocre team and have a fan club of zero. hope you enjoyed yourself!

From what I've heard Dunleavy is a pretty mellow guy off the court so take this with a pound of salt. I doubt he's this obnoxious. And the MySpace forum poster has lost all credibility if he really believes the Warriors have a "fan club of zero". Haha

The biggest question is do you want us to post random, gossipy stuff like this in addition to the usual GSoM festivities? I'd prefer not to, but ask and you shall receive.

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