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B Diddy Helping Tackle World Issues

BD doing big thangs!

Shout out to Baron Davis for participating in the Clinton Global Initiative last week. Here's a little bit about the meeting from

The Clinton Global Initiative is an invitation-only bipartisan annual meeting to tackle world issues and is hosted by the Clinton Foundation.? Built around working sessions, attendees are a diverse group of CEOs, philanthropists, religious leaders and political figures.? Among those in attendance included former-President Bill Clinton, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Laura Bush, Rupert Murdoch, His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan, Bill and Melinda Gates, Colin Powell, Daryl Hannah, Michael Douglas, Barbara Streisand, George Stephanopoulos, Tom Brokaw, Russell Simmons, Lance Armstrong, Jesse Jackson, Warren Buffett and Nelson Mandela (via video conference), among many others.? Nearly 1,000 were in attendance.? ?

It's great to see BD have such a great summer off the court.

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