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Rumor: Dunleavy + Pietrus for Ely + Wallace Not Happening

Over at Talking Points GSoM friend Tim Kawakami doesn't think a Dunleavy + Pietrus for Wallace + Ely deal would go down (see Rumor: Dunleavy + Pietrus for Gerald Wallace + Ely / Bonzi Signs w/ Bobcats and Rumor: Update- Warriors/ Bobcats Deal. Tim gives some solid reasons:

  • Chris Mullin loves Mike Dunleavy
  • Mullin brought in Don Nelson to morph Dunleavy into a good player
  • It's hard to imagine Michael Jordan being enamored with Dunleavy

Tim does think that a deal for Melvin Ely could go down though. Maybe for Mickael Pietrus? Maybe for Ike Diogu? Definitely check out the rest of his piece.

One point that Tim makes that's in line with what we always stress about rumors is:

Trade rumors aren't evil, though they are almost always wrong.?

Would you trade Pietrus or Diogu for Ely?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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