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America's Next Biggest Warriors Fan: Runner Up

Next up is our third entry in the Golden State of Mind essay contest, "America's Next Biggest Golden State Warrior Fan." In total, we received 9 entries and to give every one of our entrants their props and due time in the spotlight, we're going to post their essays in full in their own separate posts. We want to extend a special thank you to all of our entrants. Reading your essays was a blast and we enjoyed each and every one of them.

We each ranked all the essays 1-9 and then tallied the point total. The point totals were so close, and not many points separated the runner ups from the winners. You'll have to hold your breath to find out the winner. We're going to start with the runner ups and then run through the top 3. Keep in mind, the runner ups are not ranked, they will be posted in alphabetical order according to their username.

So enjoy our next runner up, GSWorriers.

Who cares if the NBA has sent invitation cards to all the teams (not including expansion ones, mind you) with the exception of the Warriors to attend the dance AKA the play-offs these past 12 years? Well, quite honestly, me!

But the zero invites don't mean I'm joining the Bobcats bandwagon. NEVER! EVER!

Why? Well, I go way back, back into time. Chris Engler, Joe Hassett, Ben McDonald, Lester Conner, Lewis LLoyd...OK, I'll stop impressing you. But there's something about this team that's controlling me, forcing me to stay with them through thick and thin. And yes, there's not enough thick...only thickness I know are my love handles.

Anyway, having the "Chef" POB and the "Poet" Foyle on our roster is really nothing to be excited about. But we do have JRich (known to me as Human Highlight II) and Monta! The extra year and a half of ?playing? with each other can only help, I pray. I expect them to lock down the 6th position in the Western Conference and finally make it to the playoffs.

Here are the only reasons why I'm still a Warriors Worrier: 1) I've lived in this area 96% of my life. 2) I root for underdogs. And underdogs they are in almost every game they play. 3) The fans aren?t as notorious as East Coast fans in terms of rudeness and such.

Case in point:

You don?t see us showing:

4) My man-love for Purvis Short, Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and JRich.

5) I enjoy the [sarcasm] Winning Tradition [/sarcasm] the Warriors have established.

As you may already know, this is a poor attempt to win one of those huggable dolls. Now, can I have my 18? Thunder Doll?

GSoM Comments

  • Who doesn?t want the doll?

  • Great reasons to be a Warriors fan. We don?t need ?Kobe?s Guilty? signs, we need ?Sell the Warriors? signs!

  • Deep roots in the bay and a constant fan of all things underdog? You must have came out of the womb wearing a Dubs jersey!

Thanks to GSWorriers for the passion and photoshop work. Here to present you your prize is GSoM fan, Jessica Alba. Jessica, tell him what he's won.

"Come get your prize. It?s not the 18? inch thunder doll like you wanted, but it?s still fantastic for you, a Thunder Key Chain!"


Previous Entries

A lot of us have grown up in the Bay like GSWorriers and are Warrior fans. How many of you have favorite teams from outside the area where you grew up?

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