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Slam's Top 50: JRich #36 by GSoM

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As we mentioned a few weeks back in Slam Counting Down the Ulysses S. Grant, our peoples at Slam magazine recognize Bay Area game. They asked us to write a piece on Jason Richadson, the heart and soul of the current Warriors, for their list of the NBA's top 50 players. Haha, I can't believe we wrote such a serious piece, but we had to represent for Warriors Nation and Jason Richardson. Definitely check it out! Also, make sure to hype our man JRich in the comments section of that post over at Slam. Let's wake everyone up.



It's an honor to work with Slam on this one. Quick! Check out their home page. That's right. GSoM REPRESENT!

Slam ranked JRich as the 36th best player in the NBA. Think he should have gone higher? Lower?