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The Nelson Factor, in their Warriors Analysis  section, talked about what the hiring of Don Nelson means in their article, Don Nelson ready to stir Warriors up

Enter Don Nelson, whose unconventional, sometimes odd coaching strategies have taken mediocre teams and turned them into overachievers...

In 1989, Nelson took over a Warriors team that won just 20 games the year before, and took them to the Western Semifinals. He kept the Warriors on the NBA's radar until he left the team during the 1995 season...

Now Nellie is back in Oakland, and once again he has a young, unproven team with a lot of talent, but no guidance, work ethic or winning history: just the way he likes it. He can mold this team to his liking, inserting his own game plans and tactics

Interestingly, the author, Jeff Mangurten, talks about the future once Nellie is gone.

Nelson will take this team to a certain point, but it's going to be up to the next coach to get them from that point to being an NBA title contender...

Mullin must begin his search now, and find that perfect candidate to replace Don Nelson, and be the man to take the Warriors to the promised land. If not, Golden State will have three or four years of improvement, and then fall right back down into the doldrums of the NBA.

NBA title contender? Man I just want to make the playoffs. If Nelson gets us to the playoffs, mission accomplished. This team isn't talented enough to win more than one playoffs series. I'll worry about making the playoffs before I worry about who's going to replace Nellie and get us a title.

What do you think Nellie was brought in to do, make the playoffs or build a title contender?

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