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Rocket Boost: Bonzi Signs with the Rox

One of our anonymous inside sources, is reporting that Bonzi Wells is signing with the Houston Rockets for 2 years, $5 million.

Wells turned down a five-year, $36 million offer earlier this summer to remain with Sacramento after averaging 23.2 points for the Kings in the playoffs...
Now I may not be a math major, but according to my calculations, I think the Kings deal was better. It's like Bonzi told his agent to negotiate the worst possible contract. "No no, 5 years, $36 million? That's way too much. If you can get me $31 million less, that would be perfect." Craziness I tell you.

"We're really good friends," McGrady told ESPN Insider's Chris Sheridan on Wednesday. "I was with Bonzi this offseason, was talking to him, and Houston's a place he's real interested in. He's a grown man, he's been in this league for a long time, and the decision will really come down to him."

Shoot, this is what superstars can do for a team. They're friends with everybody and everybody wants to play with them. I'm sure the conversation went like this:

TMac: Yo Bonzi, come help me win a championship in Houston.
Bonzi: Okay.

That's it. Then the next day Bonzi signs a two year deal worth $5 mil. Wait let me write that again, 2 years, $5 million. 2 years, $5 million! Are you kidding me? For a guy who scored 23ppg in the playoffs against the San Antonio Spurs, that's just a ridiculously low contract. I thought it was some sort of hometown discount, but Bonzi's from Muncie, Indiana, nowhere near Houston. See how easy it is when you have a superstar? Even if the Warriors wanted to sign Bonzi, they would not have stood a chance against Tracy McGrady's mad crazy salesman skillz.

I thought the Rockets were going to contend with just the Shane Battier trade, but with Bonzi, they should be able to solidify a top 4 spot in the West. The big key to this deal is that it works as insurance if and when TMac goes down with an injury. They now have two very capable players in Battier and Bonzi to fill in the gaps so the team doesn't suffer through long losing periods like last year. So even if TMac misses a quarter of the regular season, but the Rockets make the playoffs, you still get TMac back for the games that count. All in all, it was a great deal for the Rockets.

I rank the top 4 teams in the West as:
Warriors (haha just kidding) - Rockets

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Even at 2 years, $5 million, would Bonzi have fit on the Golden State Warriors?

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