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Nelson's Biggest Concern?

You know, there are a lot of problems with these current Warriors. Don Nelson has been brought in to assess the situation and make the changes that future Hall of Fame coaches should make. Rightfully so he's got a lot of concerns, but what is Nelson's biggest concern?

Don Nelson is making sweeping changes to the Golden State Warriors, yet the coach's grand scheme begins with simple free throws.

Nelson will demand better free-throw shooting from his players when he opens training camp Tuesday in his second stint with the moribund club. And he won't be afraid to bench stars Jason Richardson and Baron Davis if they can't provide it...

"The biggest problem they had in not winning games is their free-throw shooting," Nelson said Thursday in an interview at the Warriors' training complex. "You're never going to be much of a team if you don't make your free throws.

"Unfortunately, two of my best players don't shoot the free throw (well): Jason Richardson and Baron Davis. There's no reason that they don't. ... The onus is going to be on the player, for sure, to make his free throws. You're not in the game (if) you don't make your free throws."

Further in the article, he talks about another major concern of his after watching tapes of his current team:

Nelson sees a confused team in those tapes -- defensively disorganized and offensively undisciplined. The Warriors launched 22.3 3-pointers per game, more than any team except the Phoenix Suns...

"It's their decision-making that's my biggest concern," he said. "If these players think we're going to launch as many 3's as they did last year, they're mistaken. We're going to shoot (fewer). We're going to be penetrating more, passing more. We're not just going to be shooting 3's at every opportunity."

Thank you. Bless you Don Nelson. Free throws and decision making as major problems? I've heard that before, but nobody did anything about it last year. Nellie should be able to fix that and by doing so will get the Warriors into the playoffs.

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