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One More Preview

Maybe I should know about this place, but this Associated Content site has people droppin' Golden State Warriors previews left and right. What's goin' on? Anyways, here's another Warriors preview, this one by N. Katers.

Mr. Katers breaks down the frontcourt, backcourt, and bench. There's some interesting projections for who's going to start. The author writes that Foyle starts at C, Biedrins at PF, Murphy or Dun at SF. Hmmmm. so check, check, check it out. Back to the Future: Don Nelson and the Golden State Warriors in 2006

He even gives his opinion on the 2006 season.

I am not confident that Nelson will stay on the sidelines for an entire season, leaving one of his assistants to take over the Warriors for much of the 2006 season. As well, if the Warriors fail early on, Cohan will deal away high ticket players like Baron Davis and start rebuilding for 2007. I think they will struggle in the first half, will hit the bottom of the Pacific Division again, and take a step back from 2005 with only 27-29 wins. Nelson will stick around for 2007 but Mullin will be gone.
Now I'm not sure that Nelson can step down in the middle of this season but then somehow stick around for the 2007 season, but he's been known to do some out-of-the-ordinary coaching tactics.

You tired of previews yet? Or just waiting for the GSoM one to drop? hehe.

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