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Snakes on a Shoe!

Jordan has revolutionized not only marketing, advertising industries, but also future styles of shoes. The Nike SB Dunk Cement Pro is further proof of the fashion genealogy that Jordan's legacy has produced.
dunk jordan cement
The hotness

Some say SB Dunks are played out; but this particular version is basically footnotes Jordan III's snake patterns in the design Jordan 3 snake.
Although they aren't basketball shoes perse, they are athletically-inspired (the Jordan symbolism is undeniable!)

But contrary to cheesy faux snakes skin prints or snakes skin shoes--at times screaming "pimp"(in the traditional sense) or "kitschy"--this style of snake-print screams HIP-HOP! Legendary gangsta rapper Ice Cube, of former NWA fame, co-starred with Jennifer Lopez (also linked to many of hip-hop's blingeratti) in the cult classic "Anaconda", which gave way to the most recent reptile sensation "Snakes on a Plane"!
Ice Cube and J.Lo used snakes to jumpstart their film careers

Samuel L. Jackson is no longer just a parody on the Chappelle Show

Jordan has popularized the snake-motif and it has become a symbol of being in-style. Remember Britney Spear's performance on a MTV music award years back, which featured a large yellow snake draped across her shoulder? Snakes AGAIN were part of a celebrity's daily out-fit.
Snakes haven't looked this good since pre-KFed Britney

Anyhow, are these snake-inspired shoes... HOT or NOT???

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