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OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 4 - Picks and Posts

Last week?s Week 3 Picks and Posts established a new record for most user predictions. Thanks everyone and let?s set a new record this week.

San Francisco 49ers
It was a disappointing loss, but it was good to see the team fight back. Last year, it seemed as if the team would give up if they were down by a lot early in the game. This year?s team has the talent to come back from deficits. The defense got absolutely torn up by the Eagles offense, and this week it might not get any easier with Larry Johnson. It?ll be fun to watch.

Oakland Raiders
They were on a bye last week and face the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland gave Baltimore a scare last week, so it?ll be interesting to see how they come out this week against the Raiders. I?m also interested to find out if the Raiders made any adjustments or improvements to their team during the bye week. Let?s hope they did (especially because I have LaMont Jordan and Randy Moss on my fantasy team).

Week 3 rankings and results:
Atma Brother ONE: 11-3
jonathan: 10-4
badnamedwarriorfan: 9-5
llamalimbo1: 9-5
R-Dizzle: 9-5
showerman: 9-5
DaAzNJRiCh: 8-6
mydedgerbil555: 8-6
reppin the bay: 8-6
djchuckdeez: 7-7
joe sez: 7-7
JRichIsAGod: 7-7
travisl212: 7-7
Zorgon: 7-7
DividedByZero: 6-8
Fantasy Junkie: 6-8
Chimp: 5-9

Damn, Atma came out on top in a difficult week with nearly half of the user predictions at or below .500. jonathan?s first entry has him rolling at 10-4 while badnamedwarriorfan, llamalimbo, R-Dizzle, and showerman came in tied for third with a 9-5 record.

Good luck this week.

"Perfect" is my middle name.

BYES: Denver (2-1), NY Giants (2-1), Pittsburgh (1-2), Tampa Bay (0-3)


Week 4 Matchup  
Arizona (1-2) @
Atlanta (2-1)
The Mike Vick show stumbled on Monday, but he should be running like crazy on this defense. He gets 200, rushing yards that is.
Minnesota (2-1) @
Buffalo (1-2)
Minnesota held their own last week against Chicago and they look for real. That defense is solid.
Dallas (1-1) @
Tennessee (0-3)
TO... Okay now that that's out of the way, we can continue. Dallas better get on track here or they're really in trouble. Tennessee is garbage.
Indianapolis (3-0) @
New York Jets (2-1)
Jets don't play defense. Manning throws for 600 and 7 td's. Colts squeak one out 63-21
New Orleans (3-0) @
Carolina (1-2)
Good to see the Saints win at home last week.
San Diego (2-0) @
Baltimore (3-0)
Like they do on ESPN, San Di-ego SUPER Charrrr-gers.
Miami (1-2) @
Houston (0-3)
Miami is BAD. Houston is worse.
Detroit (0-3) @
St. Louis (2-1)
Mike Martz returns to STL. He knows his former team like the back of his hand. Too bad Detroit doesn't have the talent to win this one.
New England (2-1) @
Cincinnati (3-0)
Cincy's looking like a powerhouse.
Jacksonville (2-1) @
Washington (1-2)
Washington tore up Houston last week. Jacksonville plays defense though. Jags by 10.
Seattle (3-0) @
Chicago (3-0)
This battle will be low scoring and the edge will go to the best defense, Chicago.


Golden State of Football
San Francisco (1-2) @
Kansas City (0-2)
Arrowhead is a tough place to play, but the Niners got it this week.
Cleveland (0-3) @
Oakland (0-2)
Could it be? Is this the week the Raiders win? I think so.

What are your predictions for week 4 of NFL action?
Make sure to post your predictions in the comments section and vote on the Niners and Raiders games before kickoff Sunday at 10am.

Copy and paste this into the comments with your picks filled in:

Team 1 @ Team 2: Prediction
Arizona @ Atlanta:
Minnesota @ Buffalo:
Dallas @ Tennessee:
Indianapolis @ NY Jets:
New Orleans @ Carolina:
San Diego @ Baltimore:
Miami @ Houston:
Detroit @ St. Louis:
New England @ Cincinnati:
Jacksonville @ Washington:
Seattle @ Chicago:
Green Bay @ Philadelphia:
Cleveland @ Oakland:
San Francisco @ Kansas City:

Just like we do in the regular season for Warrior games: If you're watching or listening to the NFL games and are near a computer, this is the spot to showcase your knowledge and post your thoughts.

Whoever picks the most Week 4 winners will get some serious GSoM fame in Week 4's Picks & Posts. It could be you! If we get enough comments, we can also do a NFL Week 4 quote of the week. It could be you! Pick & post.


GSoM NFL YouTube Clip of the Week:
A couple Bo Jackson clips. With that combination of size, speed, and power, if not for that injury, he would have been considered one of the greatest running backs ever.

That last highlight is absolutely amazing.

Just listen to the announcers on this one. A lot of people doubted him I guess.

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