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America's Next Biggest Warriors Fan: Runner Up

Here?s the last runner up essay in the Golden State of Mind essay contest, "America's Next Biggest Golden State Warrior Fan." In total, we received 9 entries and to give every one of our entrants their props and due time in the spotlight, we're going to post their essays in full in their own separate posts. We want to extend a special thank you to all of our entrants. Reading your essays was a blast and we enjoyed each and every one of them.

Just to let you know, we each ranked all the essays 1-9 and then tallied the point total. The point totals were so close, and not many points separated the runner ups from the winners. You'll have to hold your breath to find out the winner. We're not going to post them all at once. We want each essay to get its fair share of air time. So, we're going to start with the runner ups individually and then run through the top 3 in separate posts. Keep in mind, the runner ups are not ranked, they will be posted in alphabetical order according to their username.

Here?s our next runner up, The Golden One.

Why I love the Warriors even though they've missed the playoffs for 12 straight seasons

Basically there a drug I have become addicted to and can't kick the habbit.

I think the first year I really started to follow the Warriors thouroughly I was like 12 and it was one year removed from the warriors making the playoffs. Since then in my years growing up it has made me wonder what basketball is. First you think hey the Warriors are like T-Ball no one cares who wins. You hear about the playoffs, but your not sure if it's a mythical thing or some other foreign league. But then you learn that it's actually supposedly possible that the warriors are allowed to make the playoffs. I'm not sure to believe that this is a fact or a mean painful lie. Each year I found myself pulling for the warriors more and more. Before each season I get hyped up more and more. Believing this is the year it will happen. Seeing how many games I can go to. Checking the scores of every opponent. The Warriors then mess with your heart winning a couple. Being in first place after 3 games. Wait right there I think proves how crazy we all are about being fans. When that's what excites is. But after last year I said maybe I shouldn't care as much (losing so much plays with your mind). But whose kidding anyone. Go Warriors this is the year they make the playoffs. You can't say that like 13 times in a row and be wrong can you. Odds have to be against that. Plus Nellie's back. I checked the back door no Webber in site. Now where to go to buy my tickets. I can already feel the arena rocking and let me the first to say. This years MVP=Baron Davis. Also

is it to early to get in line for the Warriors open practice.

GSoM Comments
  • True Warrior fan!
  • Nice. Warriors can make the playoffs? That?s a mean painful lie.
  • The Warriors are just a gateway drug to Golden State of Mind- we?re the real addiction!
  • When all else is lost, all we can cling to is faith. When the Warriors finally get there (yes, When), it's going to mean all that much more to those that were there during the bad times. I'll see you at practice.
The Golden One?s addiction is the same drug we?ve been taking for a long time now. And are the playoffs really a delusion? At least your prize is for real. Jessica, let him know what he's won.

"The last Thunder Key Chain!"


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