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GSoM Fantasy Hoops League

Allright allright. We set up the GSoM Fantasy Hoops League for the whole community. It's free to join and we're doing it through Sporting News. If you don't have a Sporting News login, you'll have to get one. It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up. We've never done a fantasy league through Sporting News, so we're not sure how many people can fit in the league. There didn't seem to be a limit, so hopefully we get a ton of people competing for the GSoM Fantasy Hoops crown.

For your team name, use your GSoM screen name. I know you can all come up with clever team names, but it'll be easier to identify whose team is whose if your team name is your screen name.

Also there are two seasons with this first season ending February 1. Once this season is over, we'll start another one up for season 2. Good luck.

Sign up for the GSoM Fantasy Hoops League

Here's the breakdown of the league:

  • Salary cap league: $35 million
  • 6 Players: 2 G, 2 F, 1 C, 1 6th man
  • Trades: 2 free trades per week. You get unlimited trades up until the season starts. There is an option to buy more trades but DO NOT BUY MORE TRADES. We want to keep this on an even playing field for everyone, so you are limited to the 2 trades you get per week. We can't enforce this on the site because we don't have the controls to do so. So just play it fair. We don't want to have to kick people out of the league. Also, the trades add up, so if you don't use your 2 trades one week, the next week, you'll have 4.
  • Points: +1
  • Fg Missed: -.5
  • Ft Missed: -1
  • Rebound: +1.5
  • Assist: +2.0
  • Steal: +2.5
  • Block: +2.5
  • Turnover: -1
  • Triple Double: +10

If there are any problems with the signup, post it in the comments and I'll try to fix it asap.

[EDIT]: Keep in mind that player's values will increase and decrease during the season. So if you get a player whose value is low at the start and increases later, your overall salary cap increases. But it works the opposite way as well, your salary cap can shrink. Read up on the site for any pointers, strategies, etc. I can't give away my secrets.

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