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2005-2006 REPORT CARD: Warrior Girls, Thunder, Jr. Jam Squad, the Weekend Warriors, and The Band

With training camp a month away, it's time to wrap up last season with the final report card, the Great Time Out entertainment (GTOe). Yup we're grading the Warrior Girls, Thunder, Jr. Jam Squad, the Weekend Warriors, and The Band. They are perhaps the most important aspect of the Warrior organization because they are a comforting distraction to the nearly unwatchable basketball team. In fact, there are fans who go to the Arena just to see the GTOe performances and say the basketball game "gets in the way." Since they're such a prominent part of the Warriors experience, let's hand out the grades.

Sadly, many of our favorites are gone for the upcoming year.

It's one big happy Bay Area mascot family.

Thunder's Dunk Team by mooquack85

The best WG performance of the year! Thanks to Nykee23 for the video. If you're curious who that big guy in the white hoodie is, that's Allan Frias, a Bay Area choreographer/dancer. He was on the show "So You Think You Can Dance."

Overall Grade: A

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: A+) Like Golden State of Mind... THEY'RE A GREAT TIME OUT!

DJ Fuzzylogic (Grade: A+)
Warrior Girls make up for all the shortcomings of the Warrior staff, players, and management.

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: B)
Everything is overrated except Thunder and the Jr. Jam Squad. They're fun to watch. Sometimes I'd rather watch them than the Warriors. When the on-court product is worse than the off-court product, you have a problem.

Hash (Grade: A+)
Saw inflatable Thunder three times this year! And all three times he bonked random fans on the head. If that doesn't deserve an A+, I don't know what does. Warriors girls = Most fly. Jr. Jam Squad = Mini fly.

YaoButtaMing (Grade: A) The only thing I don't like is that stupid Band who can only play Earth Wind and Fire songs, and not very well at that. Other then that ... I love the Warrior Girls.

Leave your comments and grades for the Great Time Out entertainment team.

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