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Najera's Warriors Jerseys: HOT OR NOT???

In the 4th installment of the GSoM Fashion competition, we ask you not whether a Eduardo Najera jersey is hot or not per se, but whether rockin the jersey of a somewhat temporary, irrelevant and former Warrior (i.e. Luis Flores, Vonteego Cummings, or John Starks--during his second tenure with the Warriors) is in good taste.  This is by no means dissing on role players or hating on them, but most people buy the jerseys of all-stars and superstars.  Does buying a Najera (insert any random 8th-12th man) tell us about your loyalties to the team?  Does it also tell us that you probably found it on the clearance rack at JC Penny the summer after he was dealt?  If you picked it up and rocked it at the games when he no longer played there, is that hot or not?  

I believe that NBA merchandise is beyond expensive; the way it costs you'd think you were rockin' Versace, Manolo, or, heck, even Sean John!  Think about it: 60-90 bucks for a top, that's outrageous!  But rockin' Najera instead of Arenas or Richardson, seems to say more than just Warriors fan.. or does it?

If you saw this jersey hangin' at Ross, would you buy it?  My instincts say "NOT."  Based on the "snakes on a shoe" survey, my guess is the rest of you will say NOT


Rockin jerseys of lesser name players: hot or not?

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