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Warriors Reality TV

It looks like Doug and Jackie Christie are going to be the next Reality TV family.

Hollywood actor wannabe and former flop artist Rick Fox was not available for comment, but we're guessing he thinks the show will be a hit.

The Christies' TV show should be fairly entertaining. I predict it will rank somewhere in between the Making the Band series with Diddy (most of it is hilarious!) and Run's House (love Run, but the show is pretty slow).

Let's say the Warriors got hooked up with a reality television deal. Who would you want the show to focus on?


Mickael Pietrus aka "LL Cool P" (MoUpInTheO's great new nickname) would rank up there with Flavor of Luv if he had a reality show, but my vote goes to Thunder. Why?

By day he's encouraging kids to read.


By night he's rocking the arena.
Man, that one guy jumping up must be super hungry!


By late night he's a straight ladies man!
Ladies just line up for his autograph!


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