Brief Window of Opportunity

We are coming up on the 2 month anniversary of the Fisher trade, meaning Devin Brown, Keith McLeod and Andre Owens could be included in a trade. Many of us stated that if moving Fisher was more than just a salary dump, was possibly a precursor to a larger move - and if so, then the trade would make better sense (and by pulling the trigger early enough, Mullin looks slightly better for having carved out a window of opportunity - again, if we take advantage of it).

Now Nelson is in the house, JRich has had surgery and POB is delayed starting with a bum foot. We have some time before training camp to make a move (or three?) that would shape this roster more to Nelson's style - suggestions? There are some teams still interested in making changes, Boston, Portland, Denver, and Philly to name just a few.

Would Nelson entertain acquiring Iverson? How about an athletic but underutilized (you fill in the blank)? Now that we know who is pulling the strings, who would you suggest the Woes try to get? And who on this roster just won't fit that we could move?

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