Building GSW from the ground up

I have a problem with the Warriors of the past few years. They are undersized and overmatched in most games in the past 2 years. Whether it is bad management or poor luck, the Warriors have fallen in to the trap of drafting flashy wing players who at least fill the stands with people. But as a basketball team you know that substance, not flash wins ball games.
The 2006-07 Warriors are 15-16 right now. But they don't have many quality wins. In many of their victories, they have overrelied on their 3-pointers. When they're hot, they win, when they're cold, they lose. They cannot manufacture points in a half court set. They move the ball on the outside until they get it to the corner for a Pietrus or Barnes 3. With the quality of players i see on this warriors team, I would expect another mid-season melt down. Warriors management need to bite the bullet and rebuild once again.
I read this article at by Bijan C. Bayne:

When teamed together, superstars' skills must be complementary. John Stockton's vision, anticipation and endurance made him the perfect complement for a strong giant like Karl Malone. When Malone developed a dangerous jumpshot, Stockton not only fed him on the break, but in half-court sets. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were both long, quick wing defenders who could shut down prime scorers in playoff games. Though Jordan could beat many double-teams off the dribble, he often passed out of them to perimeter marksmen. Tim Duncan and David Robinson were all-around talents given more to shot blocking and rebounding than boasting and whining.You know how it is said an NBA player must do two things well to survive? The secondary skills of scorers such as Marbury, Carter, and Iverson are not those that seal championships. No matter what one thinks of Shaquille O'Neal's defense at this stage of his career, the defending champion Heat are 11-14 without him. As numbers-minded as Wilt Chamberlain's detractors say he was, his 1967 Sixers finished 68-13, his '72-'73 Lakers won 33 straight. Defense and boards played a huge role in that. His talents fit the mix.

I would say that Baron is definitely our smaller version of John Stockton, however we definitely have no Malone type player, not even a Pippen. With Jason Richardson on the shelf, the quality around Baron is seriously sub-par. Biedrins and Ellis are still too young to take over a game (although i am hopeful for their future). But on the uglier side, Troy Murphy, Adonal Foyle, Mike Dunleavy, Matt Barnes, and even Mikael Pietrus have all shown that they are not Warrior Saviors. They are role players who disguise themselves in Nellie Ball's system of over-glorifying stats for what they really are. Some are paid like superstars, but they are far from it.
And dare i say, even Jason Richardson at full strength will not be enough to make this team decent. Jason is a great scorer, but he barely has any secondary skills. Rebounding is small potatoes when compared to what a complete player has to do on the court.

Today's g.m. is living in a unique era. Bigs interested in playing big are back. Raised on a t.v. and video game diet of Shaq and not Ralph, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Joakim Noah and Greg Oden like it inside. Yao Ming (yes, he has a soft touch- he's also rebounding and changing shots) is having an MVP campaign. Why build a team from the outside in, when the new face of the game is that of the post player. How can Allen Iverson be "The Answer" in the West, where Amare Stoudamire is a force returning to near 100% capability? His scorer's mentality does not suit him to find J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony where they like to score, and when his bruised body is not suited to chasing Baron Davis, Tony Parker and the aforementioned Nash every night

The name of the game is not perimeter any more. With more teams wanting to go big, the Warriors will be overmatched each night with their current perimeter oriented team. Look at other teams in the NBA with perimeter oriented teams. Do any of them have plus .500 records? Maybe only Phoenix, but no other team is like the Suns, and they have a two time MVP and Amare.
I know this is a little long, but it was something i needed to write for a while now. My beer goggles have come off and finally see the Warriors for the deeply flawed team that they are. Talented? Yes. Playoff bound? No, folks.

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