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RECAP: Warriors 76, Magic 91 - UGLY!


Yea.  Exactly.

First off, I'm glad I don't have FSN+ and thus could not watch the game. Being exposed to an ugly loss like this is not safe. I hope you put the kids to bed before watching the game. They could be scarred for life or worse give up on the Warriors and become a Kings fan. UGLY!

Oh man, sucks to be Foyle right there.

A loss to the Magic certainly can't be unexpected since they had won 4 in a row and were 21-14 coming into the game. So, we lost to a good team. But it was the way that we lost the game that is really disheartening. From what I can tell, nobody played well. There were probably some decent lines at halftime, but nobody really finished the game with a strong boxscore. Biedrins had the 15 rebounds but managed only 4 points (on 3 shots). Baron had 8 assists, but 6 turnovers. Kabuki had 11 points and 6 boards, but shot just 4-11. The team shot just 37% from the field, 56% from the line, and got outrebounded...again. UGLY!

Being at home, up by 5 at halftime, and well rested should not result in a second half collapse. UGLY!

76 points? That sets a season low for total points.  UGLY!

29 points in the 2nd half? That must be a season low for one half. There are games where we score 29 points in one quarter. I don't understand how it's possible to score 10 points in the 3rd quarter. UGLY!

That leaves me with some questions about how we played in the 2nd half. Hopefully those "lucky" enough to have FSN+ could help me answer these questions:

  1. Since I didn't watch the game, did we have all 5 players on the court at the same time?
  2. If we did have all 5 on the court at the same time, was it just 3 of them on offense and 2 stayed behind on defense? 10 points in the 3rd quarter is hard to fathom, unless of course we played 3 on 5 during our offensive sets.
  3. Is Dwight Howard 2 people? A single man could not have scored 30 points and grabbed 25 rebounds. Even if he is one man, he still had 5 turnovers, 0 assists AND shot only 8-15 from the line. HA! Take that. Scrub.
  4. Did Dwight Howard really just outrebound Pietrus (1 rebound), Barnes (4), Ellis (2), Davis (2), Dunleavy (3), Foyle (3), Murphy (6), and Diogu (3) combined? This must answer my previous question that Dwight Howard is in fact not 2 people, he's 8.
  5. Did Monta break Grant Hill's ankles? At least one of my predictions might have come true.
Just leave the answers in the comments. It'll be much appreciated.

Gobbling up rebounds

Warrior Wonder: This would have been another Hash sandwich except I was missing all the ingredients except for bread. So I'll give my Warrior Wonders to the Warrior Girls. Atma hooked me up with the Warrior Girls 16 month calendar. 16 beautiful ladies for the next 16 months. What's more, the calendar has the birthdays of the Warrior players. JRich's birthday is coming up, it's on January 20. But I digress, Warrior Wonders = Warrior Girls. NOT UGLY!

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