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The Don Nelson Show on KNBR 1/11/07

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Every Thursday Warriors head coach Don Nelson has a show with The Razor & Mr. T on KNBR 680. The audio from last week's show is archived online. You DO NOT want to miss this week's show.

Here's some of what Don Nelson had to say the day after the loss to the Orlando Magic:

  • The young guys can not carry the load by themselves.
  • Baron tries to shoulder the scoring when the team is down, but they need him to create.
  • Nellie doesn't want to write Troy Murphy off yet because of his injuries, but Murph needs to step up.
  • Dunleavy is what he is. The fans weren't all wrong about him. He hasn't improved for Nellie or for the team since he's been on the Warriors.
  • Nellie thinks Pietrus can grow into a better player and gives him credit for his rebounding and defense.
  • He doesn't really pay too much attention to what people write about him or the team.
  • Foyle has to go after and block every shot, not just a few.
  • Nellie is mad at Ike Diogu right now and doesn't think he has natural basketball instincts.
  • This roster has below average hoops IQ. His smart players are the dumbest he's ever seen. Dunleavy is not smart consistently and he does dumb things.

Nellie sounds like an old, wise man bitter and frustrated with the work of his two pupils Chris Mullin and Rod Higgins. Seriously, those two have done an awful job constructing this roster during their front office tenure with the Dubs. I'm sure many of you could have done better. They've been that bad. Mullin and Higgins brought in Nellie to save them, but even this hall of fame coach can't magically turn a roster of sub-par talent and hoops IQ into more than a team flirting with .500.

What was the biggest take home point from Nellie's interview?

Thanks to loyal GSoM community member Warrior fan 23 for hyping up this interview yesterday in the diary The Don Nelson Show.

UPDATE: Check out GSoM friend Tim Kawakami's thoughts on this episode of The Don Nelson show on Talking Points.