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RECAP: Warriors 96, Heat 118 - FUGLY!

Folks I have to be completely honest with you ... it's getting a lot harder writing these recaps when the only amount of energy I saw last night was from the rancid expired Indian food which was digesting poorly in me. Not sure what smelled worse ...

Wade had an all access pass to the basket all night.

So with that I decided to check myself into the hospital for fear that I have GSoM Depression. Doctor was very nice and had me fill out this form before prescribing me the goods.


Q) Have you been in a depressed mood most of the day, nearly every day for at least two weeks?
A) Yes! I've been depressed for 12 years, does that count? Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat gave us a pretty ugly beat down last night which caused little sleep on my end. We lost 96 to 118 and the worst part about it is that I didn't see any passion or energy from most of our players. This continues our losing streak to three.

Q) Have you lost interest or pleasure in most daily activities, nearly every day for at least two weeks?
A) Last night I didn't even care to see the end of the game! Dunleavy scored 2 points and Pietrus went down with an ankle sprain. Biedrins didn't show up and we let the Heat's Kapono go willy-nilly all over us ... KAPONO!!! I feel like giving up!

Q) Have you experienced a significant weight change (at least five pounds) either loss or gain recently?
A) The Heat last night beat us by 22 points. The game before that we lost by 15 and the game before that 23! I don't have my star players so it's like working out without running shoes, but still.

Q) Has your appetite changed (increased or decreased) for an extended period?
A) Yes. I'm not looking forward to our next two games against the Clippers. I'm losing faith. Then again our last three losses came from pretty good teams, the Suns, Magic, and Heat. So maybe I shouldn't be too hard on myself!?! No wait, yes I should, we are now 9th in the West and if we lose to the Clippers we'll spiral farther down to 10th.

Q) Have you had guilty feelings or feelings of worthlessness nearly every day for at least two weeks?
A) Yes. I'm a season ticket holder. How can I go on when I know my money could be going to better use ... like the Family Guy Season DVDs!

Q) Have you had difficulty thinking, concentrating, or making decisions nearly every day?
A) Troy Murphy $8.2 million this year, Foyle $8.1 million, Dunleavy $7.4 million. All combined for a whopping 14 points last night. Ellis $664k, Barnes $771k, and Azubuike $365k all combined for 49 points last night. Enough said.

Q) Have you had any thoughts of death or any thoughts of suicide without any specific plan?
A) No ... because I have GSoM Baby!

Taking the First step: Seek professional help!

Taking the Second step: Ignore professional help and join GSoM crew!

Taking the Third step: Med's.


The Rockets and Grizzlies did their part last night helping the Warriors by beating the Nuggets and Wolves so all we had to do was beat the defending Champs without their star O'Neal.

Warrior Wonder: Ok I've heard all you guys talking about this kid Azubuike but last night was the first time I had a good chance to see how good he really is. It's amazing how Nellie can bring out the best in players you didn't even think could make it to this level (Barnes). Kelenna had 17 points but had some beautiful smart basketball plays and passes. Can't wait to see how this kid matures.

Could be another good player who won't wear a Warriors jersey next year!

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