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Predicting the Rest of January

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In case you've been lucky enough to miss it, the Warriors have gotten blown out in three straight games to the Suns, the Magic, and the Heat. The scariest part about the 3 game plunge is that the Magic and Heat defeats were suffered at home in the Oracle Arena where this team had been dominant. Still, the Warriors are only 2 games below the .500 mark at 18-20. Are the Warriors headed towards the playoffs or the NBA Lottery?

Here's my picks for the rest of the Warriors' games this month:

Jan 15 vs LA Clippers 1:00 pm : Win
It's a MLK Day game in the Bay. Donald Sterling is destined to lose this game after his recent embarrassing antics. The gods are on our side. We CAN NOT lose.

Jan 17 @ LA Clippers 7:30 pm : Loss
The Warriors forget how to pass the ball on the road and the Clips are a smart team. Throw in the fact that Mike Dunleavy Jr. always plays extra poor against his dad and it could get ugly fast. Get ready for a blowout loss.

Jan 20 vs Cleveland 7:30 pm : Loss
Much like DWade got every single call in the Arena last night, LeBron is going to get those and possibly more. Look for Cav bigs Drew Gooden and Zydrunas Ilgauskas to dominate the Warriors inside. Something tells me it's going to be raining Donyell Marshall from outside too.

Jan 22 @ LA Lakers 7:30 pm : Loss
The Lakers might be the most overrated team in the league right now, but they're still superior to the Warriors especially at Staples. Whatever Laker bigs are available at game time are going to own the Warrior interior. Luke Walton is going to show us why he's Dunleavy on steroids. Also, I don't think Kobe is going to need to score that many with the other role players on the Lakers giving the Warriors nightmares.

Jan 24 vs New Jersey 7:30 pm : Win
JKidd comes back home, but the Warriors will be able to protect the house. Baron will match Kidd and the combo of Matt Barnes, Mickael Pietrus (if available), and Kabuki will hang with Vince and RJ. Plus, there's no Nenad Krstic to embarrass the Dubs this time around. But I guess Haystack product Eddie House could come out of nowhere and drop 63 points on us. Hey, it's happened before.

Jan 27 vs Charlotte 7:30 pm : Win
You know looking up and down their roster, the Bobcats are not that bad on paper. With a nice pick in the 2k7 draft these guys could be a force in the East very soon. Thankfully it's January 2007, not January 2008.

Jan 30 @ Cleveland 4:00 pm : Loss
Ohio's an ugly place and this is going to be an ugly loss.

Jan 31 @ Atlanta 4:00 pm : Win
There's no reason to lose to a team this bad even if it's on the road on the second of a back to back. No reason at all. Baron Davis is going to go nuts in this game.

If things fall into place like I think they will, we'll be watching a .500 ballclub for the rest of this month. That will set the Warriors at 22-24. They could still be in the playoff hunt in February. We'll see.

What are your predictions for the rest of January? Post them in the comments before Monday's game.