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Dunleavy + Murphy = Mo' Money, Less Production

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After seeing so many fluff pieces by the local media about the Warriors, it's a welcome change to see articles like Warriors' big-money forwards on bench by Janny Hu for The Warriors' front office may be stupid, but we aren't. Their $100 million dollar investment in the Charmin' soft and unathletic forward tandem of Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy spelled disaster from the start. We all knew that. It's sad when most of us with no direct experience in the NBA whatsoever could have avoided those silly mistakes by the inept Warrior front office. They are that bad.

Thankfully, it looks like the clueless Chris Mullin has finally found a clue:

"It's disappointing," Mullin said during a rare interview Thursday. "Mike and Murph, we need more out of them, there's no question about it. I don't think they would deny that. I don't think anyone would."

Oh wait, maybe Mullin hasn't found that clue:

What Mullin denied is that he'll be forced to make a move before the Feb. 22 trade deadline, even if that's the most likely he acknowledged the stickiness of having a roster with players whose productivity isn't matching their paychecks.

Well, I guess we can't expect and probably don't want Mullin to publicly say he's going to make a trade, since the last time he said something to that effect was this past summer. And you all know how that turned out- Mullin and Rod Higgins got punked on the trade and free agent market in every way imaginable. Still, let's hope Mullin and Higgins have the common sense to know that this roster needs a shakeup badly starting with Dunleavy, Murphy, and Adonal Foyle who aren't the ideal role models for the young players on this team. If it takes a buyout, so be it.

To Mullin's credit he's stepping up like a man and taking full responsibility for his mistakes (something money hungry owner Chris Cohan and President Robert Rowell have never done):

"If this doesn't go right, there ain't no question. It's on me," Mullin said of his own job security. "I'd be more than glad to handle that. Full throttle, full boat. All day, all night."

Coach Don Nelson's only been here a few months, but he seems to be even more frustrated than Warriors Nation with the lack of productivity from veteran forwards Dunleavy and Murphy:

Nelson blasted Dunleavy and Murphy on Friday after the two combined for 10 points on 4-for-13 shooting, 10 rebounds and four assists in 50 minutes against the heat.

"Where are our veterans? What the hell are they doing?" Nelson said. "We shouldn't be relying on Matt Barnes to have a good game to win, but that's where we're at."

The one important connection that many people are missing and most in the local media seem like they're afraid to point out out is how the fans are the ones paying for those silly Warriors front office mistakes. Yup, those ticket price hikes ain't no joke. It's too bad that we're the ones literally paying for those ludicrous big money deals to Foyle, Dunleavy, and Murphy. Uh, nice work Cohan and Rowell?