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Rumor: Warriors in Discussions with at least 2 teams about Trading Mike Dunleavy

The trade rumors reuniting Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Sr. together in La-La land have been plentiful, but here's an additional tidbit of info from Janny Hu of SFGate:

The Warriors have had tentative discussions with at least two other teams about Dunleavy junior, according to sources. Any trade would require some numbers juggling, however, because the forward is in the first year of his $45 million rookie extension. Under league rules, the Warriors can take back only about $5.7 million of his $7.4 million salary for this season.

I have no doubt in my mind, especially after Nellie's frustrations with Dunleavy not stepping up (see Dunleavy + Murphy = Mo' Money, Less Production and The Don Nelson Show on KNBR 1/11/07), that the Warriors are actively trying to trade him. BUT as far as a Dunleavy deal actually happening I'll believe it when I see it. Any GM who trades for him or Adonal Foyle with those contracts is just asking for a pink slip. Can you imagine the reactions of fans from the teams that trade for these guys?

For some more jucier Dunleavy trade rumor speculation head on over to loyal GSoM community member badnamedwarriorfan's diary exploring some trade ideas which details one trade for the Bobcats' Gerald Wallace and another one for the Sonics' Rashard Lewis that was discussed on ESPN's NBA Fastbreak this past Saturday night.

Do you think Mike Dunleavy will be on the Warriors past the February 22nd trading deadline?

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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