Maggette-Dunleavy Update

Clippers continue to look to trade Corey Maggette. Apparently, Dunleavy's effort Monday helped us out, as they have become interested in Dunleavy. Maybe Dunleavy played harder so he could be traded.

However, we do have competetion, with the Spurs, who are really interested in MAggette.

The Clippers have been trying to trade him for a year. A deal is still not likely with the Spurs, mostly because the Clippers might find more in return for Maggette elsewhere. They see better options with Golden State, for example, where Mike Dunleavy continues to disappoint.

HAHAHA "Better options with Golden State, for example, where Mike Dunleavy..."  Whatever you say. As long as we get Maggette.

Why we need Maggette?
He can rebound at the 3. He can score. And, you know when the warriors go through that drought everty game. You know, the one where they randomly stop going to the rim and shoot ill-advised jumpshots? Maggette will be the one to drive and get fouled, and get this, MAKE THE FREETHROWS. .818% foul shooter. Just get him to shoot free throws, I dont care. We need him. He WILL flourish in nelsons offense.

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