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Rumor: Clippers Like Warrior Players in a Corey Maggette Trade

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From Buck Harvey for The San Antonio Express-News:

The Clippers have been trying to trade him [Corey Maggette] for a year. A deal is still not likely with the Spurs, mostly because the Clippers might find more in return for Maggette elsewhere. They see better options with Golden State, for example, where Mike Dunleavy continues to disappoint.

Monday played into this trade scenario, too, after Dunleavy ended with 18 points and 13 rebounds in a Warriors victory over, coincidentally, the Clippers. Either Don Nelson likes how Dunleavy responded to a recent scolding and wants to keep him, or Nelson hopes such a performance will help increase Dunleavy's trade value.

The Clippers' coach is certainly open to a deal. He happens to be Dunleavy's father, and daddy Dunleavy is also the one who has had issues with Maggette.

The Clips would be fools to trade Corey Maggette for Mike Dunleavy Jr., but let's hope they're just that dumb. One guy has worked hard to develop a solid NBA game, while the other has never been able to put together a good, consistent season despite having a silver spoon in his mouth. Why would the Clips make a trade like this? I have no idea, but then again we've seen stranger things happen in the Association.

Why do you think the Clips have been trying to trade Maggette for over a year now? Wouldn't they want to keep a player with his skills?

Thanks to loyal GSoM community member bayareawarriors for putting up the rumor in a diary Maggette-Dunleavy Update.

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