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The Warriors & Pacers Blockbuster Trade: Throwing Up W's and L's

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In case you haven't heard the Golden State Warriors pulled off a blockbuster robbery of- ooops, I mean trade with the Indiana Pacers. Here's the full details of the eight-player trade:

Warriors Get

Al Harrington

Stephen Jackson

Sarunas Jasikevicius

Josh Powell


Pacers Get
(more like Warriors get rid of)

Troy Murphy

Mike Dunleavy

Ike Diogu

Keith McLeod


Boom Dizzle and JRich can hardly contain their excitement about the trade!


Just like we did for the Allen Iverson trade, let's throw up some W's for the winners and L's for the losers of this blockbuster deal- GSoM style!

Throwing Up W's

Golden State Warriors
This squad on paper doesn't look bad at all even in the uber-talented Western Conference:

PG: Baron Davis
SG: Jason Richardson
SF: Stephen Jackson
PF: Al Harrington
C: Andris Biedrins

Bench: Monta Ellis, Mickael Pietrus, Matt Barnes, Sarunas Jasikevicius, Adonal Foyle, Kelenna Azubuike

PLAYOFFS?!! Yeah, we're talking about the playoffs!

With this squad you don't wanna mess with this man!

Warrior Fans
After 12 years of sitting out the playoffs plus some horrible salary cap mismanagement and poor talent evaluations, we're all about change and I'm not talking about the stuff jingling in your pockets. We all wanted to see something new and not just a new bizarre hairstyle from Murphy or Dunleavy. This trade marks a change for the better and introduces a new, exciting brand of hoops in the Bay.

Chris Mullin and Rod Higgins
You two fellas have taken a lot of harsh (although deserved) criticism from the media and fans alike for your countless blunders. But today, you've done us all proud. You corrected two mistakes (Mike Dunleavy's awful 44 million dollar deal and Troy Murphy's excessive 60 million dollar deal) that many of us never thought you'd be able to correct. You also brought back some nice pieces courtesy of the Pacers. I can't say it enough- you guys deserve some major props here. You're both officially out of the doghouse. Now if you can turn Adonal Foyle into Kevin Garnett... well, I guess that's unfair since only Jesus could turn water into fine wine. We'll definitely take this trade with a smile.

Chris to Dun Sr: "Hahaha, I actually managed to find some sucka to take your son!"

Jokes aside- nice work! I'm impressed you cats were able to move Murphy and Dunleavy and their god awful contracts WITHOUT giving up JRich, Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins, or a valuable 2007 draft pick. Mullin- you da man! Higgins- you da man!

Don Nelson
When Nellie came back Warriors Nation was ecstatic. However, it didn't make sense why he'd want to come back to this cleanup project. At this point in his career you would think Nellie would be after a championship, not a first round sweep. This move doesn't make the Warriors championship contenders by any stretch, but it does signify that they're ready and able to make moves to better this squad. Nellie now has some nice pieces to work with. Who knows? Maybe they'll be some bargaining chips for another blockbuster deal that brings the Warriors to contender status. In Nellie we trust.

This trade sets Nellie free!

Troy Murphy
T-Double has put in some solid seasons for the Warriors. Sure the guy can't play a lick of D and has a strange phobia of the paint on the offensive end, but Murph's still a good player who just didn't fit in Nellie's fast paced style of play. TMurph has been rumored to be on the trading block for over a year and for the first time in a long time he can pick up tomorrow's paper and not see trade rumors about him. He should be a solid complement to Jermaine O'Neal in Indiana.

Stephen Jackson
Lost in all the Free Artest mania last season was the Free Jax movement. The Pacers wanted to get rid of him badly in a PR cover up and I'm sure Jax wanted to leave as well. He'll love playing for Nellie and with the rest of the Warriors. Jackson will be a great fit here with his length and athleticism.

Ike Diogu
Ike will get a fresh start and a real chance, something he never really got under Monty and Nellie. After being deemed untouchable in last year's Ron Artest talks, the Pacers finally got their coveted man. Good luck Ike.

Hash wants the Pacers to play Ike!

Mike Dunleavy
GOOD RIDDANCE! Nellie exposed Dunleavy for what most of us have known for years- a lazy, finger pointing, below average NBA talent who's gotten way too many undeserved opportunities. The next improvement Mike makes on his game will be his first since he joined the NBA. We won't even get into that ridiculous, ill-timed contract that Mullin and company handed him. Haha, actually sorry I lied, here you go: 44 Reasons Why Giving Mike Dunleavy 44 Million Wasn't the Brightest Idea: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV.

One loser gone, one to go.

Sarunas Jasikevicius
A guy named Sarunas playing for Nellie? Some retro freshness for Warrior fans. That just sounds too good to be true. Also, Warriors Nation has a cool new name to learn.

The BoomRich Backcourt
Finally, Baron Davis and Jason Richardson have some talented, athletic players to roll with. It's not going to be them and [insert NBDL great or NBA journeyman + expensive bench] against the Western Conference beasts anymore.

BD happily assists Dun to the door.

Andris Biedrins
Andris is having a breakout season and doing some damage on the glass, but the kid's starting to break down and get fatigued. Enter rugged forwards Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson and 'Dris has some very capable players to help him out down low.

Charmin' Soft
Sorry guys, but you're going to lose of a lot of free advertising on the mighty GSoM with the Murphleavy soft forward tandem gone from the Bay. Still, we'll see what we can do for you guys in the near future. Hit us up at if you're interested in alternative advertising opportunities on GSoM.

One last time!


Throwing Up L's

Indiana Pacers
You just took on two of the worst contracts in the league with one single trade. Actually, let me phrase that as a question- you just took on two of the worst contracts in the league with one trade?

Yup, thanks guys. Don't you mean "You Gotta Be in the Bay"?

None of us understand your logic, but hey-


Donnie Walsh and Larry Bird
You just traded for the softest frontcourt in the entire league. Actually, let me phrase that as a question- you just traded for the softest frontcourt in the entire league? Ike better work out for the Pacers or this trade is going to look like highway robbery. Walsh and Bird are going to get a lot of Xmas cards next season from Warriors Nation.

Jermaine O'Neal

Jermaine's bad!

Jermaine O'Neal is one bad man (in a good way) who's probably very, very mad right now. He just lost his good buddy and now he's stranded in Indiana with... Mike Dunleavy? Just the other week Jermaine spoke about how the Pacers were mediocre and wanted some changes. I highly doubt he was asking the Walsh and Bird to make this squad weak for years to come.

Al: "Yo Jermaine- dogg meet me in the Bay on Februaray 22nd!"

Al Harrington
Instead of teaming up with his buddy Jermaine down low, he'll be asked to be a rebounding force and the sole low post threat on this Warriors squad. Still, Al gets to play for Nellie who will maximize his tweener capabilities.

Pacer Fans
Hope you guys like your forwards Charmin' soft in Indiana! Unless Ike blows up out of nowhere, this was a terrible basketball trade. Any guesses on the over/under on how long it will take Pacer fans to boo Mike Dunleavy?

Mickael Pietrus
Say goodbye to that starting spot and decent stats. The Warriors won't have to play MP2 big minutes at the power forward spot anymore either. Less minutes means less stats which means less money in the offseason.

Funleavy Foto Fun
Hey it was fun while it lasted! We're all really going to miss all the jokes- we laughed, but mostly we cried. Actually, come to think of it they were getting older than this 12 year playoff drought. Now, Playoff Photo Phun- that's something really to look forward to.

We'll miss Mike's great defense on Western Conference "big" men.

Matt Barnes
Barnes has been making big strides this season, leap-frogging 44 million dollar man Mike Dunleavy and 60 million dollar man Troy Murphy for a starting spot under Nellie. With this trade the Warriors will get an infusion of legit NBA talent and Barnes will be sent to the bench. Expect his solid play to continue, but in less minutes. Barnes was on his way to a very nice big money deal this offseason, but this trade will hurt his stats and contract severely.

Western Conference Bubble Teams
Minnesota Timberwolves, Sacramento Kings, LA Clippers- it just got a whole lot tougher to make the playoffs. It's going to be an exciting April at the bottom of the Western Conference. FAN-tastic!

Leastern Conference
The weak just got weaker. The weak just got a whole lot softer too.

Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, Ike Diogu, Keith McLeod
I really feel for you cats. You just went from living in the Bay Area to living in the middle of nowhere. Do they even having running water in Indiana? Electricity? By the way, I heard the Chinese and Indian food over their sucks. Hope you guys get a chance to stop by Hangen in Mountain View or Pakwan in Hayward before you roll out to Indiana


And finally, the best part about this trade is that this classic picture of Al Harrington doing his thang on offense and Mike Dunleavy doing his uh, "thing" on defense will have an entirely new meaning for us:



Who are your winners and losers for this blockbuster trade?

Stay tuned to Golden State of Mind for much more coverage of the trade and the usual Warriors hype nonstop!