al harrington: the next chris mullin?

seriously, that's the impression i got from listening to nellie tonight on the dubs radio broadcast.  he said, essentially, harrington has "an inside presence," can "draw double teams," like only baron of the current players.  given the long-range shooting, and evident lack of defense, doesn't this analysis make harrington essentially the next mullin?

of course, the stats show the harrington has a lower field goal and free throw percentages than mullin usually posted, but hey, he's a little bigger, and at least he shoots threes!

on another note, its that has the player impact statistics.  those show, among others, that:

troy murphy had a positive impact while playing this season... (+13)

mike dunleavy also had a positive impact (+13)

al harrington was only slightly better for the pacers(+14)

and stephen jackson  was a little less effective but still positive (+11)

of course, these stats show that all these players are mediocre and far from the likes of dwayne wade (+27), dwight howard (+23), or baron davis (+21)...

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