Garbage Minus One Out, Disaster In

Let's face, the majority wanted Troy out of Warriors since God knows when. Mike has been playing good off the bench this season and yet it still doesn't cut it. Keith McLeod was our best free throw shooter, great, our best free throw shooter was a bench warmer. Ike had a holy crap lot of talent, and we just wasted him! He's the only player that the Warriors MIGHT regret trading. But to think about that, if Ike play by Nellie's rules. I kind of doubt he will ever play up to everybody's expectations and will never become the star, or even coming close to one.

The disaster now? Is for Al Harrington, Stephen Jackson, that guy, and Josh Powell to adjust to Nellie's system. Josh Powell seems like a great big dump right now, but let's see if we can do what we did with Matt Barnes to him. And here's my opinions about the trade and if it was worth it or not:

Troy for Al- Satisfying at the moment, although Troy does have better rebouding skills than Al. We'll have to see about this one.

Mike for Stephen- For somebody who was 6-9, Mike had handles. Stephen has just as much, don't get me wrong. But both of them lack rebounding. Also, Stephen isn't used to coming off the bench. We'll also have to see about this one.

Ike for that guy- RIPOFF! Forgive me, I cannot spell that guy's name. Ike has better FG%, rebounding, free throw, and foot work. That guy, looks pretty good to be the next one to get a superkick from a Cav and following Dunleavy's footstep.

Keith for Josh- Okay, get the idea. We're talking about Josh Powell, not Josh Howard. And again, we lost our best free throw shooter and he was a bench warmer.

One more thing, we did get was expirience, Al and Stephen isn't at the point where they're about to retire.

Starting Line-up

F:Matt Barnes(Turnover Prone) or Mikael Pietrus (Foul!) or Stephen Jackson (REBOUNDING PROBLEMS!)
F:Al Harrington
C:Andris Biedrins
1B:Monta Ellis
-you decide the rest-

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