A day of a warrior fan in Holland

Baumerworld pointed out a few days ago that I should make a post about being a warrior fan in Holland.
I went to my basketballtraining yesterday. My coach said to me that I was getting really better since I began playing basketball. Of course I was very proud my coach gave me that compliment. When I was home, I really had to lear for my Math an biology tests. But I decided to check out goldenstateofmind. When I started it up, I readed something about a trade. I was like: is this really? So I began reading the post, and I was like: I don't believe it, isn't this just a joke? Then I started up and there I saw the trade too. Then I knew the trade was real, and I began to post like a real freak. I just coudn't think at that point. I was so excited that I had to tell evrebody around me about the trade. But, my parents where like: what is Golden State? Did they made a trade? O, OK. My little brother is the only one in my house who knows something about basketball. This morning, I went to school to make my test, but when I wanted to talk about the trade, I suddenly realised that nobody on my school knows anything about basketball. They don't even know what a trade is. I'm a pretty lonely warrior fan in Holland. Holland is a country were basketball isn't popular at all. Right now there are two dutch players playing in the NBA. The best dutch basketball player ever? Rik Smits. Where did he play, yup, the Indiana Pacers.

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