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Dad's got my back!

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Amidst all the Dun hating--on the radio, on tv, on the internet--Dun Sr. has recently stepped up to defend his son.  In the LA Daily News, Joe Stevens, in his article "Dunleavy Rushes to the Defense of his Son," writes that people expected too much from Dun Jr, according to Dun Sr.

"If you were looking for him to be Dirk Nowitzki, you made a mistake," the coach said. "If you're looking at him as to be a good solid player for a good team, that's who he is."

Upon first glance, it looks as if his dad is defending him.  But the subtext seems to be that Dun is really NOT that good.  Check the second part of the sentence.  You can't expect him to be great, but you can expect him to be a good solid player for only a GOOD team, because "that's who he is" (according to Dunleavy Sr.).

With that said, does Dunleavy Sr. imply that Dunleavy Jr. cannot be a good solid player for a bad team?  Or what about a so-so team like the Golden State Warriors?  Does that mean he is ultimately useless for these teams?