Dun Jr. to Clips?

according to the Akron Journal...

According to three NBA executives, the Pacers are already in talks to move Mike Dunleavy to the Los Angeles Clippers for swingman Corey Maggette.

Earlier reports have indicated a strong interest from head coach Mike Dunleavy, Sr. in his son, but that other members of the Los Angeles front office had reservations

Very strange..couldn't the W's just have done this deal themselves? Here are my takes on it:

  • Clips and W's had a deal in place to move Dun for Mags
  • In a separate deal the W's wanted to move Murph to the Pacers to get Al, but the pacers insisted on including Sjax, so they had to involve Dun in that deal to make the $$$ work
  • If that is the case...then the Pacers are STILL screwing the W's. Got to rethink this Karma thing... Another tidbit from this article... On Tuesday, the Detroit Pistons added Chris Webber and now, according to reports, they are in talks to move one of their excess big men for an athletic swingman to help their depth.

    hmmm...Pietrus for Dice Dice Baby?

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