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Basketball Obituaries -- Mike Dunleavy Jr. 2002-2007

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Mike Dunleavy Jr.


Thanks for the all the great fotos, Funleavy.  These moments will be missed.
(Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Drafted in 2002, Dunleavy Jr., the third overall pick of the 2002, became the future of the franchise. Dunleavy Jr. ended his battle with Warrior fans, teammates, Caron Butler, coaches, and the high expectations (or even the low expectations as of late) on January 17th, 2007.  On this day, he was dealt to the Indiana Pacers.

An average player, horrible defender, streaky shooter, supposedly hard fouler, extraordinary box-outter, and decent passer -- Funleavy Foto Fun will be missed.

He is survived by his replacements: Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, Josh Powell and Sarunas Jasikevicius.

How will the Funleavy era be remembered in the Bay Area?