Jasikevicius may be on the move?

Don't know if you guys knew I was in charge of the Daily Rumors page over at HoopsWorld, but this one was of interest one day after the big trade.

Akron Beacon Journal: The Cavs are likely to attempt to make some sort of move before the Feb. 22 trade deadline, although it is hard to forecast how major it could be. They are on the lookout for a point guard, but don't want to damage the stability being built in their core. The team may have some interest in guard Sarunas Jasikevicius, who was traded from the Pacers to the Warriors. Jasikevicius decided to sign with the Pacers over the Cavs two summers ago. Ferry recruited him hard at the time and likes his game. The Warriors are also looking to dump future salary and the Cavs do have expiring contracts.

I haven't heard anything that suggests any move will be made, but it is important to note that the Warriors are allowed to trade anyone one of the players they received yesterday, but they must trade them individually, not in a package.

Jasi has a $4 million expiring contract, so that's pretty attractive, but I don't think that Cavs have anything great to offer. They're bogged down with bad contracts (Damon Jones, Eric Snow, Donyell Marshall, Larry Hughes), but maybe a deal for Ira Newble and a second round pick can be pulled off.

Newble gives the Warriors a lockdown defender and the pick is a flyer - they can use it if they want, or draft a guy and let him go. In this year's deep draft, it's not a bad idea.

Would the Cavaliers give up Newble? Doubtful, but I'll look into it.

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