New logo for a new era?

First off, I wanted to join the chorus of approval for the big deal. I wouldn't say I'm exactly ecstatic with the return -- still holding out hope that we can somehow package Harrington+++ for a legit skilled 4/5 like Gasol -- but I'm still amazed that we were able to shed two of our three albatrosses in one fell swoop. The fact that the guys we got also happen to add some much-needed toughness and athleticism is just gravy. This may truly be the best news day since the November elections.

Now to the next order of business. Some may recall that a few months back I expressed some dissatisfaction with the existing logo -- in particular the way it seems to privilege CALIFORNIA and neglect Oakland, the Bay, and the Warriors. Alas, my alternative "Bay Area" logo was mostly deemed NOT HOT.

To refresh your memory, here was that design:

Yeah, back to the drawing board.

My latest harebrained design concept comes in response to GSoM member MANUTEs BOL, who expressed sadness at the idea that we might no longer be able to view the now-famous Newble/Dunleavy grill-kick photo. The thought occurred: of all the great images on this site, that one somehow expressed the "UNSTOPPABLE, BABY" spirit of GSoM better than any other. Love Junior or hate him (obviously, most of us tended towards the latter) he was always the unspoken touchstone of the site -- the player around whom Atma, Fantasy, and the rest of the gang found their distinctive, witty, snarky, self-effacing voice. And that picture was truly worth a thousand words.

As we enter the new post-Dunleavy era, it truly would be a shame to lose the special can't-do spirit of that image. We need a logo that does justice the finest fans on the planet, and one of the best sports blogs going. So, without further ado ... I humbly submit the latest:

So? Comments, cheers, jeers, "wft, dude?" etc. all welcome.

I should also note that if we do indeed acquire Newble, as Pree suggests, it would be extra-specially appropriate.

No, I don't actually expect the crew to change the logo, though the thought did occur to me: on the remote chance that I happen to win the GSoM fantasy league, perhaps the powers that be might reward me by using my design as our banner for a month or so? I would certainly prefer that to a t-shirt or an autographed Warrior Girls picture or a lock of Dunleavy's hair or whatever prize the crew had in mind.

If nothing else, I'm happy to turn it into a Webpin for anyone that wants one.

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