Zorgon in the Ford Center Volume II/ Warriors-Hornets Super Awesome Preview!!!!

Looks like its that time again....MY POSSIBLY FINAL TIME GETTING TO SEE THE WARRIORS FOR A WHILE!!!! (Until the Playoffs, of course.)

You can look for me here as per usual:

I'll be there in my blue away Adonal Foyle jersey, and my sister might be there with my Orange Dunleavy jersey. MY friend might also be there in his wierd red hair. I'll hold up the, "Unstoppable, Baby!" sign with the GSoM and Warriors logo. I am a tall guy (6' 6") with long black hair, and I am also caucasian. If you can't spot me yet, you need to either take the lenscap off or get some lasik.

Last time I wasn't shown except once when Cedric Simmons went for a freethrow, and you could see me in the corner of the screen for a split second. Hopefully the incredibly sexy Atma and Co. can sway their wonderful FSN Bay Area friends to put me on TV? :) I'm asking Cox guy to get me on TV again. (He FAILED! last time.)

Onto the Preview:

Golden State Warriors (16-16, 3rd PAC Div.)@

New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets (12-18, 4th SW Div.)

Time: 5:00 PM

TV: FSN Bay Area, Cox

Radio: KNBR 1050, 94.7 THE BUZZ

Vegas Odds: Warriors by 4.5


Marc "Unstoppable Baby!" Jackson goes for 20 and 10
Devin Brown does NOT give Anthony Roberson or Matt Barnes a hug before the game
Warriors win by 5 or more.
Baron Easily gets his Triple-Double
Ike gets somewhat out of the doghouse, 7-10 minutes
Adonal gets a double double!
Adonal Foyle comes onto the court and points at Zorgon
Adonal Foyle Meets Zorgon After the game

We are going up against a VERY shorthanded Hornets squad. But first, lets look at our situation:


C- Patrick O'Bryant
PF- None
SF- Zarko Cabarkapa
SG- Monta Ellis/Jason Richardson/Anthony Roberson
PG- None

So We have:

C- Andris Biedrins/ Adonal Foyle
PF- Troy Murphy/Ike Diogu
SF- Mickael Pietrus/Matt Barnes
SG- Keith McLeod/New Guy with the Long Name
PG- Baron Davis/Mike Dunleavy

*Note that this isn't nessesairly a starting lineup, since Nellies players are always out of position.

We can still fill every position about as adequately as we used to, minus the Monta/Jrich boost. JRich was nonexistant this year, so all we're missing is Monta. I think our main squabble will be when Baron is on the bench and we have to play the new guy.

Now, let's look at the Hornets woes:

C- Tyson Chandler/ Hilton Armstrong
PF- "Unstoppable Baby!" Marc Jackson/Cedric Simmons/Brandon Bass
SF- Desmond Mason/Linton Johnson/Marcus Vinicus
SG- Rasual Butler
PG- Jannero Pargo/Devin Brown

If you're unfamiliar with half or more of these players, don't worry, you should be. The Hornets Top 4 scoring threats (David West, Chris Paul, Peja Stojakovic, Bobby Jackson) are all out with injuries of a month or more.

The problem with their lineup now is that they have no scoring threat, no star, and are left with a bunch of roleplayers.



Tyson Chandler- Defensive specialist, will swat a lot. Looks like we might have to have Foyle for his FIRST GAME EVER IN THE FORD CENTER!

Hilton Armstrong- Hornets Draft pick this year. However, he has been used less than Cedric Simmons, and has had maybe one, posssibly two good nights. Very Raw.

Power Forwards

Marc Jackson- You, as a Warriors Fan, should know him for his quote, and a bit for his play. If not, shame. He's mainly a low post guy, has a good 12 foot shot.

Cedric Simmons- Also raw, but has developed better than Hilton has. Essentially the same player.

Brandon Bass- Second round draft pick from 2005 used to spark local interest, since he is from Lousiana. Well....we all know how that worked out, and he is a blahish PF, who mainly comes in to play during Garbage time or when Hornets bigs are injured. We may see him. Nothing special.

Small Forwards

Desmond Mason- A hometown favourite since he played for Oklahoma State. He is a mad dunker/inside scorer, and his game is all about hustle. Jumpshot isn't too good, has good defense.

Linton Johnson- Acquired in the same trade that got us Marc Jackson, he had a couple great nights last year and showed potential. Ho9wever, Bryon Scott half doghoused him, and he has not played very much this year, and when he has, not done much. A player to watch.

Marcus Vinicus- He has not played outside of garbage time, as he is a second round pick from Brazil. He has made a couple 3s and is 7 feet tall. Might be a SUPER STAR ONE DAY!

Shooting Guard

Rasual Butler- Not really a shooting guard, is a SF, but he was put here to avoid putting Desond Mason here. Ewwww. Mainly a 3/deep 2 specialist, not much more. Poor Mans Peja.

Point Guards

Jannero Pargo- A ballhog acquired in the offseason. If he's hot, WATCH OUT, he could use that hotness to score massive heaps of points like....17! (Hah, you thought the Hornets had a scorer) If he's cold, he's cold. Doesn't like to pass to the open man, drives sometimes.

Devin Brown- Wait, where have you heard that name before....Oh yes! He was acquired in the Fisher trade to the Jazz! What happened to him? Well, he got released by the Warriors, vegetated for a bit, and signed with the Hornets due to lack of guards. And yes, this otherwise SCRUBBY SWINGMAN is playing BACKUP POINT GUARD. Good at driving, has the ability to make threes.


As you can see, this should be a blowout game for the Warriors. None of the current Hornets possesses the ability to take over a game offensively. Hopefully we can pull one out on the road! (It will essentially be a home game, I gotta count for at least 500 fans!)

Unstoppable, Baby!

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