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Baron Davis Suspended for Tonight's Game Against the Cavs

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Tonight's game is going to be incredibly festive with 4 new Warriors, but sadly Baron Davis won't be able to join the party at the Oracle Arena. He'll be serving a one game suspension for taking a swing at LA Clipper forward Quinton Ross and will lose $167,444 in salary.

Fantasy Junkie and I were watching the surprisingly good game against the Clips the other night and saw BD take the swing at Ross in frustration. Ross probably got away with a little extra physical play, but Baron's swing was just a boneheaded move from a man who's having a brilliant season. The refs didn't catch it, but Fantasy Junkie and I caught it. After seeing the play I told FJ that as soon the NBA officials reviewed the game tape, Baron was going to get a suspension. He had it coming and I'm surprised it took this long for the league to announce it. Baron's a good guy and does a lot of great things for the community, but he needs to keep his cool in situations like this. Thankfully the swing didn't connect.

Do you think the 1 game suspension for the swing was appropriate, excessive or too lenient?

Thanks to loyal GSoM community member straightfromthebay for alerting the community about this with the diary Baron Davis suspended.