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The W Column: Showstoppers?


In this edition of "The W Column" we compare this young upstart team to one of the (lukewarm) hot teams in the R&B game: Danity Kane.  The similarities and trajectories are uncanny.  Granted, this piece was written before the first blockbuster trade of the season and I think some of comparisons and predictions would be much different now.  Yet, with the new enhanced line-up now in place, maybe we can see how they may no longer be of Danity Kane fare, but perhaps up there in the New Edition echelon.  Anyway, here's a look back at how things used to be.  Lets hope our future has more certainty than Danity Kane's.  In this edition of The W Column, we examined whether or not the (old-look) Warriors were "Showstopping."
Are the Warriors hotter than they are?

Check out the article and make sure drop your thoughts on whether or not the new Warriors are "showstopping."

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