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Recap: Warriors 104, Cavs 106 - So Why Am I Smiling?

Well that was a hell of a ride!

Tonight we were treated to a glimpse of some of the very impressive talent that this recent deal has given us. And I, for one, like a lot of what I saw!

Unfortunately, the newest additions to our team were treated to a glimpse of what it's like to be a Warrior; where a 20-4 run can get erased within minutes.

Welcome to the Bay boys!

Box Score


POOF! 18 point lead gone. (Thanks Zorgon!)

The results of tonight's game were disappointing at best. But honestly, with Baron out tonight, I didn't expect to see half of the things that I saw. At some point, the Warriors really did look like a new team. I think I can make a safe assumption in saying that the players are as juiced about this trade as the fans are! I saw more fast breaks, forced turnovers, and aggressive runs to the hoop in the first half than I think I've see all season from the Warriors! And what the hell did Foyle stir into his coffee this morning? He moved like was ten years younger tonight!

But as we've seen so many times before, in the end we got out the wrapping paper, and gift-wrapped it for the Cavs. Sloppy ball handling, poor defense, and a lot of fouling allowed them to close a huge gap in the third, take it into OT; and the rest is history.

So the why the hell am I smiling right now? Oh right. Stephen Jackson.

Okay, I know that tonight was his season high, so we may not see this every game, but that guy looked great out there tonight! Raining 3's at the right times, boards, assists (he made some NASTY passes), steals... he was all over the place! If he consistently produces to half the ability he did tonight, we're still better off then we were before this trade.

He's not the only reason I'm smiling though. Al didn't really have a great opening with us tonight but I think he simply hasn't adjusted to the change yet. He's a producer and once he gets over the nervousness, I think he will be able to shoulder some much needed weight on this team.

Sarunas was a nice surprise too. He doesn't have the quick step of Monta, but he has a true mid-range shot. He could be doing some excellent work for us off the pine in the near future.

At times, it was a joy to watch the Warriors run the ball at times tonight. If Nellie can build on this potential and J-Rich can get back to full health, we are going to have a pretty deep squad.

I can't wait to see what happens when Baron comes out to play...

Warrior Wonder: Welcome aboard Stephen Jackson! Aside from the 5 turnovers, you were the jack of all trades out there tonight with 29 points, 7 boards, 5 dimes, and 5 jacks! You were also a very welcome sight to the eyes of some of the most loyal fans you'll ever play for. You'll see what I'm talking about. You're gonna love it here!


Welcome home.

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