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Matt Barnes is in Nellie's Doghouse

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Many of us were curious why Matt Barnes didn't play a single minute in Monday night's game against the LA Lakers. Well, there was a good reason. He's in Nellie's doghouse. Janny Hu from the San Francisco Chronicle has the scoop:

"I was mad at him [Matt Barnes]," Nelson said. "He's played like four (crappy) games in a row. I just wanted to slap him and figured that was the way to do it -- just not play him in a game."


Nelson said he scolded Barnes because "I need him and love him," and the coach can expect an improved Barnes when he returns to the rotation.

"I definitely heard that message loud and clear last night," Barnes said.

Barnes has shown the entire NBA this season that he has a lot of pride and performs his best when he has to prove his critics wrong. Doubt him and he'll embarrass you (see: Sixers, Kings, and Clippers). He's made big strides this season and with his great work ethic, hustle, and desire, we should continue to expect nothing but big things from him. Barnes' minutes will probably decrease with the new additions to this roster, but that doesn't mean he can't give the Warriors some solid, gritty play out there. I fully expect Barnes to bounce back and have a nice outing tonight against the New Jersey Nets.

What kind of production do you expect tonight from "Barnes Storming"?

UPDATE 1/25/07 10:47am: GSoM friend Marcus Thompson has the latest on Hoop Junkie about Nellie Calling Out Barnes