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Stephen Jackson to the Jailhouse?

It's no secret that one of the driving forces for the Pacers in the blockbuster trade with the Warriors was simply to dump Stephen Jackson and his legal troubles. To the Pacers this was worth the price of adding two of the worst contracts in the entire league to their payroll. This article in today's Contra Costa Times Jackson's court date could lead to immediate jail time shows that Jackson's legal troubles ain't no joke and he could possibly be sent to jail immediately.

I wasn't personally there that night at the nightclub in Indianapolis, Indiana (Both DJ Fuzzy Logic and I have been to Indiana and trust me- it sucks! I don't recommend hanging out there.) when Jackson reportedly fired multiple shots into the air and was struck by a car, so I don't want to even try to analyze the situation- I don't know the facts at all and most likely neither do the many people in the media who are quick to paint Jackson as a complete villain. The other incident that's gotten Jackson in big trouble is of course the bizarre Motown Brawl, in which he ran into the crowd to support his boy Ron Artest, who isn't known to make some of the best judgments.

Here's what Jax had to say in his defense:

"I went 26 years of my life without getting into trouble and the two times I got in trouble, I was trying to help a teammate, which I will never do again, off the court," Jackson said. "Before the Detroit brawl I'd never been suspended or kicked out of a game. I'd never been in an NBA fight, with any player, in my career. So I know people on the outside looking in really don't know me. ... I can't control what people think about me because at the end of the day people are going to think that anyway."

Thanks to loyal GSoM community member badnamedwarriorfan for putting up the diary jackson to jail right now?

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