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The Don Nelson Show on KNBR 1/25/07

Every Thursday Warriors head coach Don Nelson has a show with The Razor & Mr. T on KNBR 680. The audio from this week's show is archived online for your listening pleasure.

Here's some of topics Nellie covered this week:

  • The win against the Nets and the shot
  • The new guys from the trade with the Pacers are struggling to grasp the zone defense that Nellie likes to play.
  • Baron hasn't been practicing much because of his family issues and has had two stinkers against the Lakers and the Nets.
  • Baron's still his best friend.
  • He likes Coach Phil Jackson a lot and they have a mutual friend in Bill Bradley.
  • Nellie doesn't ride a motorcycle anymore (thank god!).
  • He thinks the deflections stat is very important and telling of good defense. When the Warriors have 30 deflections they win most every game.
  • Al Harrington needs to make rebounding a priority. He needs to get 1 board for every 3 minutes he plays.

What was the biggest take home point from Nellie's interview?

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