Dear Stephen Jackson,

Dear Mr. Jackson,

Whatsup my man.  I'm happy you are on the Warriors, I think you're a phenomenal athelete and a great guy, but you have just been judged too harshly for making a couple of mistakes.  Thank god that you are now in the Bay Area, and working with Chris Mullin, a guy who himself went through similar hardships but turned his career around and hopefully will help you do the same.  

Today, coach Eric Musselman got off easy on his DUI by paying $580 and doing 48 hours of community service.

You know what's funny?  I brought up the issue of Jackson vs. Musselman before you, Mr. Jackson, were on the Warriors back in October:

Stern:  Leave your guns at home you thugs

It sparked a good debate about how Stern responded so ignorantly, and how the media was portraying you in such a negative manner.  The funny thing is, I see more people defended you in that previous article Mr. Jackson than they seem to now?!  

This was my favorite quote from that thread:

After a quick check on some facts on the net, I see that (sadly) over 110,000 people die in America each year due to Alcohol or DUI related deaths, and roughly 30,000 die each year from gun related deaths, although over 60% of the gun deaths are suicides. So last time I checked, 110,000 is about TEN times greater than 12,000, which means Eric Mussellman should be 10 times guiltier than Stephen Jackson

The funny thing here is, you did not even fire towards anyone, but anyways, that is besides the point.  Mr. Jackson I want you to know that some of us are here to support you.  I've always felt bad for you Stephen Jackson, so much that even after you hit that buzzer beater against us earlier this year (I was at that game in the suites actually), I still came on here and showed you some love, here is the excerpt:

2. Stephen Jackson/Buzzer Beater/Why I still like him

My heart was broken on Wednesday night when Stephen Jackson made that 3 to win the game.  I was there live and the crowd just sank.  Many got up and left, without even waiting for the final 1.0 seconds to see if we could score again.  We all know (as I noticed by the slow activity on GSoM since that shot), that we can't get over that shot until we win another game.  But to be honest with you, there is one small good thing that came out of that, for me anyways, and that is that I was happy for Stephen Jackson, the man who made that spectacular clutch shot.  As much as I hated him that night, I'm happy that despite what he's gone through with the politics of the NBA that he's kept his head up and kept his team strong along with Jermaine O'neal.  After the big fight and then the gun incident, it could have gone bad, but he's a quality player and proves it.  They really lucked out by landing Al Harrington and I don't think it would have happened if Stephen Jackson was not there.  Please refer to a past article I posted in regards to David Stern calling Stephen Jackson a thug and asking players to "leave their guns at home"

But alas here we are!  We got you and Mr. Harrington.  So I'm writing this to let you know: I support you #1.  Welcome to the Bay.

1 love,

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