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GSoM Q&A with Matt Steinmetz - 01/26/07 (Part 2 of 2)

Between analyzing Warrior games and interviewing players, we were able to get Matt Steinmetz to answer a few questions. If you watch any of the FSN broadcasted Warrior games, you're sure to have seen Matt dropping knowledge on the Warriors and the NBA in general.

Matt Steinmetz joins the FSN Bay Area team as an insider/analyst after nine seasons covering the Warriors as a traveling beat writer for the Contra Costa Times. Steinmetz won several writing awards while with the Times, including first place in Sports News Writing for his account of the Latrell Sprewell-P.J. Carlesimo incident in 1997.

In addition to his game-night duties on FSN Bay Area, Steinmetz also will write on a regular basis for, providing commentary and analysis on the Warriors and NBA. He also will be a frequent contributor to the Warriors' Radio Roundtable weekly show, heard during the season on KNBR-680.

The best part about his bio online?
Steinmetz is on a constant search for the Bay Area's best pickup basketball games.
He'd tear me up for sure, but it'd be fun to watch him play. Perhaps one day I'll run into him on the courts. Be sure to check out the rest of Matt's bio on the FSN website.

Here's the second part of our Q&A with Matt Steinmetz. Please keep in mind that some of these questions were asked before the trade.


Golden State of Mind: Rookie Patrick O'Bryant was sent down to the NBDL and has struggled in the NBA. Do you think these are just growing pains? How good will POB be in his prime?

Matt Steinmetz: I have no idea. I've heard differing views on O'Bryant. I know he has to get stronger (a lot stronger) and has to get in better shape. From everything I've heard, he may be a couple of years away. At the same time, it seems like Nelson likes him for down the road. I remember asking Nelson if down the road he would possibly be able to play O'Bryant and Biedrins together and he said "absolutely." Of course, Nelson added that he hoped O'Bryant could contribute before he died, but Nelson likes his big men long and versatile and O'Bryant, at least, would seem to have a chance.

Golden State of Mind: It seems like the refs are calling more charge fouls. Do you think it's a sign of better defense or more flopping?

Matt Steinmetz: Count me among those who hate the abundance of charge calls. I have no idea why the NBA rewards defensive players who seek out contact on the floor. I think a charge-block call is more one of feel. My dad was a ref for 30 years, so I'm very pro-ref in any league. I think the call is complex but the rule should be simple: if a player seems or is out of control, chances are, it's a charge; if a player seems under control and tries to avoid or slide off the defender, either let it go or make it a block.

If I were in charge of the league, I would begin to try to reward defensive players who try to make blocks. I would allow more contact up high, maybe a defender getting some hand or maybe even allowing a little body contact for a defender going up to try to block a shot. And I don't think that would yield more injuries, either. In general, I would start penalizing un-athletic defenders who "move in" and rewarding athletic shot-blockers who do just that ... try to go up and block shots.


Be sure to check out Matt's weekly column on FSN Warriors Notebook. This week he's talking about what everyone's talking about, the trade.

We want to give a special thanks to GSoM friend Jen Franklin at FSN Bay Area for connecting us with Matt Steinmetz.