Who was your favorite warrior to hate and just favorite ex-warrior?

   I mean we had some real good/ awful players that we loved at one point. I personally liked Joe Smith for the simple fact that he was the draft pick the first year I really got into the warriors and basketball. I had his Jersey, rookie cards and autograph. I knew nothing about the game then except that he was supposed to be a real good player. I mean he was selected #1 overall....ummm, and then even at the young age of 12 I knew he wasn't that good, but I still liked the guy any way. I guess I was hoping for him to turn out great. They had this one game I went to where they had like 12 guys that lived in the bay area all named Joe Smith and they would individual name all of them and they would come out. They couldn't just say Joe Smith once and had them all raise their hand, they had to waste time because that was the half time show. Oh, and they all got some kind of certificate because that was there name...Lame! Anyway, Memories from the past are always fun. I also liked Chris Porter for his hustle and his hair, whatever happened to him? Is he in jail or something? Obviously, hands down, DUN DUN was my favorite player to hate! We all know the stories, he just sucked 3/4th of the time he was here. My dad, who is 60 even hates on him and called him Donnothin.....Here are a few of our old players that ruled if you wanna look them over!
     Gilbert Arenas, Victor Alexander,Muggsy Bogues, Manute Bol,Earl Boykins,Speedy Claxton,Bimbo Coles,Erick Dampier,Dale Davis,Tony Delk, Ike Diogu,Mike Dunleavy,Derek Fisher,Danny Fortson,Chris Gatling,Tom Gugliotta,Tim Hardaway,Rod Higgins,Tyrone Hill,Larry Hughes,Antawn Jamison,Damon Jones,Sarunas Marciulionis,Donyell Marshall,Chris Mullin,Troy Murphy,Eduardo Nájera,Billy Owens,Chris Porter,Mitch Richmond,Cliff Robinson,Rony Seikaly,Joe Smith,Latrell Sprewell,John Starks,Bobby Sura,Tom Tolbert,Nick Van Exel,Chris Webber and David Wood

I wanna hear some great stories!

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