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Looking Back on Mitch Richmond's Career

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It's the rock! Head on over to HoopsAddict to check out Hey! Whatever Happened to Mitch Richmond by Brian Taylor. Here's a snippet:

For those that don't really remember Mitch, he was one of the aforementioned "pure scorers", a guy that could hurt you inside/outside/posting up/at the free throw line/from the concession stand/ he was deadly. Everyone remembers his 1988 Olympic team as the one that prompted us to create the "Dream Team". In his first days fresh out of Kansas State, Richmond was scooped up by Golden State, Mitch ("Rock" to his teammates) ran with Chris Mullin and Timmy Hardaway to form "RunTMC", one of the illest NBA cliques ever. Milwaukee had Ray Allen, Sam Cassell and Glen Robinson. The Knicks had Sprewell, Houston and Ewing, and the Wizards have Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, but those three really started the "3 star trend".

Mitch was only with the Warriors for 3 seasons, but he's one of Warriors Nations' favorites. Nellie still to this today says that breaking up Run TMC to bring in Billy Owens was a big mistake. Timmy, Mitch, and Chris never won a title together, but it sure felt like it for Warriors fans. It was that good.

Rockin' the house!

What's your favorite Mitch Richmond memory when he was sporting a Warriors jersey?