Could Memphis really pick #1 and #2 in the 07 Draft?

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I caught this while scrolling down

"Don't be getting your hopes for Pau Gasol up just yet. Sources close to the situation poured cold water on a report that the Celtics have the best chance to land the Memphis star because they can offer Al Jefferson and a high draft pick. Boston Herald

Considering how Jefferson began going for double-doubles when he was mentioned in published rumors (with other assets) for Allen Iverson, might it be expected that he improves his numbers now. "Yeah, but I know this one's not true," Jefferson said, before pausing to add, "At least I hope it's not true." Boston Herald

The Celts definitely would like to get their hands on Gasol, but as was written here earlier in the season, the Grizzlies are not big on what the C's may have to offer. Expect more Gasol talk around the league, as the big man quietly asked owner Michael Heisley to deal him to a team with a chance to win. That discussion was supposed to stay private, but word leaked out. Boston Herald"

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It's interesting that Memphis would turn this down when Pau stated to his team that he wants to play for a winner, and you get the SECOND pick in the draft. Plus Al Jefferson is a solid 4 to plug in for the time being.

I would seriously consider Al and their unprotected 1st rounder plus filler or expiring contract for Gasol. But maybe that's just me.

But if they could get Oden and Durant. That would be very interesting to see how they would do. I would really watch a Memphis game and be interested if that ever happened.

Pg: Stoudamire
sg: Gay
sf: Warrick
pf: Durant
C:  Oden

Since Memphis is going to be under the cap i figure they could go after a veteran PG to replace Damon as the starting pg.

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